Obama or Romney?

I really don't like politics or government. I don't care for them but, this election caught my eye.

I want to vote for Obama.

Obama is pro choice... Now I don't believe in abortion but, whatever it's your body. Also, I don't agree with Obama Care. It seems like he's making elders pay more. Obama is also trying to get gay marriage legal which in my eyes is a beautiful thing.

Now Romney... He isn't pro choice.. He wants to make abortion illegal. That's like taking woman's rights away. Romney is against gay marriage and wants it to be stopped. He might say he will make the future better but, think of others.

I don't worry about the money problems because, those should be the least of the worlds problem. Money just complicates things and changes how people think. I believe we should help others first like people who have no homes and who can't afford to get their kids to school or to feed their kids.

If i were 18 i'd vote for Obama.. Who would you vote for?
November 6th, 2012 at 05:32pm