Song Rough Draft?

So, guys and gals. I kinda sorta accidently wrote the beginnings of a song. Any thoughts?

I have forgotten myself, always worrying for everyone else.
I've left myself defenseless, off to be so reckless
It's the pain inside that I can't deny
Ink splattered on paper,
Like blood in the snow
Odds are not in my favor
it'd be better if I could let go.
I wish you knew, I want you to know, maybe if I could show



maybe I could show you, my life's in shambles, it's just a giant test, there are some days when wish I just didn't exist, there are some days when I think I can't go on.
And then I look out and I can see the sun

It's when the good days are ruined by a bad mood, when I start to see the shadows intrude
my mind is a mess and I can't stop the pain and that's when I feel like the razors can take it all away

distractions are my best bet, but there's only so far that you can push things away.
Can you understand what I'm trying to say
November 6th, 2012 at 10:31pm