~I'm afraid of the dark, like deathly afraid. If there is absolutely no light in a room I'm in I will have a panic attack.

~I'm also afraid of mirrors.

~I'm psychic. I see premonitions and I have deja vu.

~Sometimes I get so angry that I don't know something violent enough to scream, so I just spaz out like an idiot.

~I have an epically huge crush on my best friend's ex that she was madly in love with.

~Ralph Macchio is my husband. I am seriously like in love with him, it started when I first saw him as Johnny Cade in The Outsiders. It has never ended, I want to have his beautiful Italian babies that will look 30 when they are 50 because they will take after him.

~I watched a WHOLE SEASON of Dancing With The Stars just to see Ralph Macchio in the silly costumes, and because the way a guy dances tells a lot about how he has sex. I was impressed.

~When I went to see Tom Petty live I spent 25% of the concert singing along badly, 25% of it crying hysterically, and the other 50% doing both at the same time.

~I have a crush on my Spanish teacher.

~I have read The Outsiders 10 times, and I still cry when Johnny and Dally die.

~I'm a closet Coldplay fan.

*Okay, I think that all! I had to get it off my chest!
November 8th, 2012 at 12:01am