Can I ever win?

Hey readers it's me again. It's been 2 months and I thought it's time to do another blog.

Since nan died my mum has gotten a huge stick up her arse and she knows she can get away with being a total bitch now and my dad isn't helping either. I get to go to my boyfriends house and stay the night which is fucking great I get to leave the house for hours and spend time with someone who wants to spend it with me without shouting about everything stupid.

I understand I have jobs to do around the house but just cause I don't do them when I'm at college doesn't mean I'm never going to do them but my parents think 'We must tell her off its in our daily things to do' honestly they're telling me off about fucking stupid shit that isn't even my fault. Honestly I'm not joking I got told off and in trouble last week because my 20 year old brother can't get a girlfriend as I refuse to set him up with any of my friends. Tonight I got told off because I was eating my dinner and not doing the drying up oh and that I didn't put Georges dinner on as well.

I'm having a mental break down. I packed my bag tonight and I'm being stuck in the house I'm not aloud to ever leave the house unless it's my day to leave to go Reuben's. I can't wait till they go on holiday a peaceful week without them stress free apart from college but to be honest I think it's the extra hormones I have due to my birth control but even due to hormones I still think that it's unfair mum and dad telling me off for everything that bothers them. If it gets worse I'm leaving and staying at Reubens for a few nights.

Thanks for reading speak to you soon :)
November 8th, 2012 at 09:27pm