We Never Know the Worth Of Water till the Well is Dry.

So I forgot to post this, this morning but last night I had a wierd ass dream about water/the ocean and one guy like held a water bottle and the water went into his eyes then he like ran into the ocean and his top half was like Viktor Krum when they did that lake challange and shit.
Then like it was really windy and I was with this girl I don’t know from my Algebra class and she is all like ‘I’m scared to go' and I was like ‘Me too.’ Then we held hands and ran into the water together and my ex-friend Seth was there and he went into the water with us and then when I resufaced with them, we like swam to the edge and we were in a pool and then I had no top on and I was swimming with no top and Seth was staring at my boobs and I was okay with being topless swimming with someone I don’t know and someone I hate...

Then I was in the twin’s house and I was walking around in my flannel shirt unbouttoned and I didn’t have a bra or shirt on under and they just stared as I walked around like that on my phone talking to Jen, Natalie and Annie. it was weird then I took a shower and then I woke up. yeah
November 13th, 2012 at 03:00am