A few things on Mibba that pissed me off today.

The first was someone calling suicide victims "attention-seeking" and "immature". Like, these three dead girls are seeking your attention. Nevermind that they are DEAD, they somehow are actively able to still seek attention.

Don't shit talk suicide victims. Ever. It doesn't matter. They're DEAD. You don't need to be right and, yes, you got the fucking last word. Why? Because you're fighting a dead person. You clearly don't have any empathy and your need to be right is so great you don't care if someone is dead.

Then I read about "real" cutters versus "fake" cutters. Fake cutters, of course, being those who cut for attention.

There's nothing "fake" about that. Clearly an individual who cuts for attention HAS PROBLEMS. They're CUTTING for ATTENTION. That's not sane behavior. They probably feel incredibly invisible or that they aren't able to communicate to get the help they need. They aren't "fake". You have simply decided their reason for cutting isn't "worthy enough".

You have no right to make judgments about another person's mental illness/state/etc. You don't get to decide who is worthy of having the symptoms of a mental disorder. You don't get to decide who is worthy of treatment or not. And you certainly don't get to pass judgment on the mental states of dead people who can't defend themselves.

It's called civility. It's called empathy. It's called sympathy.

Remember that shit the next time you have a bad day and someone deems it "unworthy" of a kind word.

There's no need for us to treat people in pain like shit. They already feel shitty enough.
November 16th, 2012 at 09:14pm