My subscription list.

There are very few things on my subscription list. I've only ever cleaned it once. So everything on here was something that really touched me or that I really wanted to read again or that I was really reading every update on (at the time). There are a few fics on here I still need to finish, but I didn't stop reading them because they were bad. I just don't finish shit a lot.

Star of David by my friend, Andy (username, isangelical).

It's one of the few good Holocaust stories I've read by a young writer. It's an alternate universe Tokio Hotel fic. I don't read Tokio Hotel or even really know who they are, but you don't need to. She creates their characters from scratch, practically. I got about halfway through, I think. It's so good and she does such a good job using German and creating emotions. If something about something so horrible can be beautiful, this is. But it's really just raw and rough. I know it was eventual romance. It hadn't happened when I read it and that's good because a romance during a time like that wouldn't be whirlwind. Especially not between a Nazi and a camp worker.

If Skies Would Weep by imbalance.

I think this is the most recent fic I added. It's original fiction and it's a fucking myth. I've been wanting to write a myth (can't) and this is just gorgeous. It's about Cloud people who end up falling to earth and the people on earth and you should read it.

Paper Hearts is a fanfic of The Office[/url] by i saw sparks. i read it as original fiction.

It's a really good romance that's het that I really really liked the writing on. I don't really like het and I didn't read outside my fandom. I got this in swap and it was just really nice and easy to read and interesting. I subscribed and actually kept up with it for awhile. It's just a really good, easy, interesting read. I say easy because it wasn't a super dark dramatic piece and it's just a nice thing to read through to see what's going on and happening next. I like things like that.

Time is Ticking by my friend, Lee (username, sobre mi cadaver).

I love Alice, don't like Alice/Hatter. I actually don't really like to think of Alice as anything but a child and I detest anything erotic. (This story isn't erotic.) So I was all preparing to be really squicked in this fic because of my eccentricities. It's a really awesome Wonderland story.

It's told in a way that makes you think of the book and the film. It's very natural. But it's also beautiful and tells a really wonderful love story.

Sick Boy a Ryrard (Ryan Ross/Gerard Way) fanfic by Fish Camp.

This was the story that got me into Panic, who I didn't really care for before. It's about Ryan and Gerard meeting in a mental hospital, which is done in a pretty tasteful and realistic way. It's not too dark or angsty. Then it goes into their real life relationship, how it would actually effect their relationships with band members, family, etc. It's a very good, finished story.

Intrepidly Insipid never got past chapter one, but it's still worth a read. It's written by king.

It's pretty much a genderqueer Ryan Ross thing. The first chapter is relatively short, but there's no weird cliffhanger, so read it as a oneshot and be fucking wowed.


So there's my subscription list. (I cleaned it while making this. Whittled it down fro 17 to 8. Pretty much got rid of novelty fics like Brendon being a zombie and the chaptered fics that never got finished.)
November 20th, 2012 at 03:54am