My Writing Is Going To Stay

You guys are all writers. You should understand.

It means a lot to me to have some form of feedback on my work. I like it from complete strangers I’ve never met. My friends don’t get past a “good job” unless they’re writers. I only have 2 friends who write. Having feedback shows me what I’ve done good, what you like, what I should do to keep you reading. Some people don’t understand that. I’ve literally had to re-boot my life. I had to delete everything. But I will not delete my hard work and dedication I put into my work. I can see how I’ve grown as a writer by comparing new and old. It’s my life, packed into words. I can remember parts of my life from when I wrote them. They’re like timelines. And they’re part of me. I can’t share it if I have no means of sharing it. This is all I have left. And I really really really don’t want to lose this. So many brilliant authors here! So many wonderful stories and poems I’ve read. You are all honestly very brilliant. I need a little part of me left. Whatever good I have left, I need it with me. I need to keep some things there. My writing is part of me. I’m not writing just for a hobby. Last year, I got published. Not selling a book, just won a contest. But it motivated me. Because I look at how crappy that poem is and how people still liked it. I want to keep writing. Make books and sell them but only to show people what I like and hope they like it too. Give them a piece of me. Kind of an insight. And so far they like it so I want to keep writing.

You guys can relate, right?
November 28th, 2012 at 01:58pm