He bitched slapped me and I'm not happy .

First off before i start this i would like to take time and apologize for my horrible author skills. i am complety unprofessional by taking so long to post chapters, but you all have been on my mind lately and trust me an update is comming soon maybe even to both stories. now that that jazz is out of the way i will tell you how my life is going even though you people dont give a shit XD! but incase i am horribly wrong and you are wondering about my -insert stupid adjective here- life then here is is. Um so today interesting things....no im not gonna start like that...I guess the beginning would be a great place to start.
So i am finally a senior in highschool (FUCK YEA!) and many things have stayed the same like my best friend rochelle and I still have classes with basically the same people. I got back together with my long time ex Jimmy (rollercoaster relationship kinda guy) said he loved me blah blah blah dumped me for his slutty ex named sidney only to have karma bite him in the ass and she ended up cheating on him (muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!) um so now hes dating this phoebe girl. whatever. but the thing is okay girls have to ever had that one boyfriend that you guys went through absolute shit but still love each other at the end of the day, the one guy that no matter if you guys tried it 1848932409120942109348209148903589325901801284091280453725339850932850185018530589435863094860386034896843568235382850-18509175609769086034860-430-69-06928590327650946480460-43-62509840921741257938609238509327503275903275637285230 times you would sttill have the same feelings and run back to him if he needed you or asked you to try it again with him? yeah well thats him for me. I mean this guy hates it when I talk to my ex-boyfriend (Zach), he absoutely hates the guy and wants to kick his ass but lets not go into details. So i have art class with Jimmy (lucky me .) and things get stirred up but today I was ROYALLY pissed off. I can't even remember what we were talking about but i do rememember it was something that had to do with me and Zach recently texting back and fourth. Jimmy gets really fuckin pissed at that starts saying basically how Im a whore jumping from guy to guy (which im not, if you look at the texts from zach nothing is suggestive or like sexual in anyway, we are just friends) and how I'm the reason me and him didn't work out (which is not true, sure I have my faults but he was the one that got all distant and we had at least one fight a day). Thanks. So I slam the art paper cutter down and say "fuck you and walk away. It kinda happened fast and I was so pissed I hardly remember but he comes over to where im standing and slaps me in the face. Not like a dramatic lifetime movie abusive husband slap, like the force weirded out my face a little and it turned my head. It didnt hurt but I was just suprised when he did it and it pissed me off so badly. It wasnt cute, it wasnt funny and he was dead serious about it. I think just the fact that he did that plus the shock pissed me off. Hopefully you arent imaging jimmy as like some buff dude who slapped me in the face because hes not like that at all lmfao sure he takes karate and can kick your ass at the drop of a hat but he is so sweet. He thinks I forgot but I will never forget that friday on my couch flipping back and fourth between dude wheres my car and two and a half men, we were laying down and i was curled into his chest taking a light cat nap, I remember him being so fucking warm and he had this smell that I love, its his natural scent i think but it smells so good :3 he put my hair behind my ear and just cuddled with me and its the happiest moment I've had with him i swear it felt like it was straight out of a movie. We've had a lot of moments and I keep denying them saying I dont remember them but i do. I remember every single second and he does too because he tells our art table often about us. Its so werid he literally sits right next to me in art, sometimes when hes not looking I just stare at him and this urge just to hug him starts beating my heart. If I would have know that cat nap was gonna be so special to me I would have stayed there curled up and cozy with him just a little longer. I love jimmy e***** k************ and honestly if he wanted to try again, I wouldnt even have to think about it. I alwaays have this dream right before bed that he some riding up in his green mustang on my 18th birthday and yells out the window "CMON WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!" and so i hop in his car and find tickets to vegas (talk about a weird wedding) we go to the shore and get matching tattoos and he give me a ring then we fly away and get married. I remember just me and him finally being happy and tied to each other forever, no matter what we are going to work our shit out and both stop bitching and being bitches to each other. I think he keeps telling our art table about our past because he secretly misses it as much as I do. We have so much bullshit, thats why we don't work. Its not entierly my fault...
December 4th, 2012 at 02:45am