Random Thoughts

I feel like when I was younger older people often said "oh models and celebrities aren't actually that good looking, it's just airbrushing and photoshop."

Uh..well..I've met a good amount of celebrities and no they're actually stunning in real life lol. I don't know why this thought just popped into my head, but it's interesting! I feel like everyone said that when I was younger. Like legit every older person. And it's funny because they're wrong. I think they might've always been wrong.

I'm not saying this truly matters. I mean obviously looks matter in the society we live in but other things matter too. But I've just started to notice lately with things like Tumblr and whatnot, places where people are constantly posting pictures of beautiful people. It takes a big toll on your self-esteem. Maybe not everyone's, but definitely mine. I'm on Tumblr a good portion of time a day and it's just constantly on my dashboard.

Beautiful models.
Beautiful actors.
Beautiful musicians.

I mean obviously they've all got their own makeup artists and stylists and hairstylists and all that jazz. But still. It's just...annoying. Sometimes I think that celebrities are also seen as good looking BECAUSE they're celebrities. For example, for me Ed Sheeran. I saw him at Jingle Ball last night and I was like OMG HE'S SO CUTE AND ADORABLE I LOVE HIM I WOULD TOTALLY DATE HIM.
And then I took a step back and I was like if this kid went to my high school I would definitely not be saying this right now.

And I just find that to be really sad. That fame adds to attraction. I ALSO find myself to be delusional. I think that happens easily though. Like it's so easy to get obsessed with things nowadays. Like One Direction, I never really liked them and all of a sudden one day I became a huge fan. And I got sad when I couldn't meet them in the city.

LIKE WHO CARES? What do I think would've happened if I did meet them? It'd be a meaningless 5 second picture and then they'd go on with their lives and I'd go on with mine. The only difference is I'd remember them and they'd forget me. Which is obvious, they meet SO many people a day. And they're not going to date any of them. So why do I care? I shouldn't. I need to stop being so obsessed with people who are successful. That's great that you're a good singer but you're not Jesus Christ. You haven't cured cancer. You haven't invented the internet. You're not the president of the United States.

Why the obsession? Why are we so damn obsessed with celebrities and fame. Why is it so great to be famous? So that people LOVE me? Millions of strangers can love me? Idk. I wish I could interview a few celebrities on this. THAT'LL never happen. Once again. I need to go on with my own life and worry about myself and fix MYSELF and let other people be so insanely obsessed. It's not healthy to be so. Not that I'm saying some people aren't inspired by celebrities. That's fine. But some things are too far.
I'm also not saying celebrities don't deserve their fame. A lot of them do. Some of them are very talented. But that doesn't mean that I have to bow down to you. You're not THAT special because you're on z100 radio. You're also a regular person.

I don't even know where I'm going with this rant anymore. Like the title says, just random thoughts.
December 8th, 2012 at 07:33pm