The Final Chapter of the Milk Fic.

As in, I'm done and it's over and I quit.

I permanently locked it and then I published a list of all the individuals I could find who stole it from me. (Only on Tumblr and LiveJournal. I'm not breaking any of Mibba's rules because no Mibbians were ever cruel enough to steal that story from me.)

I'm really over it. Maybe if 1 in 10 people who requested to read it left feedback, then it might be worth it. But adding 5-10 (or more) people a day and getting no feedback, but then reading about how fucked up it is on Tumblr and Twitter is really just so fucking obnoxious.

Then today I found two unapologetic (well, people want to read it so I stole it) plagiarized versions and I quit. I locked it, then I went and published the list.

Why did I publish the list?

Because those are the individuals who hold the fault for this happening and if people are upset, then they can contact them. Because it's not my fault and I hate being the bitch for not letting people read it.

Fuck it, done.

December 8th, 2012 at 08:49pm