Rehabbin Day Three.

Um so I'm a hippie. Besides that today was overall pretty good, I got a new phone (the windows Nokia Lumina 900) and its amazing I love it and its sooooo fast! I mean I'm trying my blog from this as we speak. Yea its that cool. So I wanna go back to Friday, I got told some interesting information and I don't know what to do with it. Jimmy told me that he was in the hospital three times since we've been dating...i have not noticed, not because I'm that oblivious but like for instance he said that he got into a fight with a kid and the kid hit him with a skateboard or something across his arm and actually fractured it. Now any NORMAL person would come in with a cast from something like that. But we are talking about my "tough ass" ex boyfriend who stupidly refuses it wear one. So I didn't notice, I said idk how to take this information and how to handle it, I asked him why he never told me and he didn't give me and answer. So whatever. Fuck I got work tomorrow. I love hate my job, I work at Chuck E. Chesse and sometimes it sucks like really really bad espically when you don't feel like going in (like me I reaaaalllly don't wanna go in tomorrow) like sometime they put me in the mouse suit which smells like a pre teens sweaty pit, I have to dance around and shit. God I hate it but sometimes its fun because it gets my mind off stuff and I get pairs so that's always a good thing. Come to think about it I get paid tomorrow. Kay bye Taylor swift is on. And yes I'm singing along. Oo that rhymed.
December 9th, 2012 at 07:35am