Rehabbin (?) Day Seven.

Yaaayy its been one week. Rehab is working but its working the opposite way. I feel closer to him. What the fuck is going on? But my rehab has not failed. It has only made things smoother :) and I'm in love. I'm happy that he was able to share what was on his mind with me and asdfghjkl!!!!! I'm in fucking love. Rehab makes you fall in love XD and this guy is the one. Like THE one. Like I'm going to marry this boy asdfghjkl >.< I don't care. Things don't make sense anymore. I love this guy scared but then he smiles and ahhh!! He makes me all weird. He's everything I want. Seriously. Ughh idk what the fuck is going on... I care about and love him so much and our fucked up fairy tale XD kbye I'm like being crazy >~
December 14th, 2012 at 01:13am