Rolo Cake Mix Bars and Salted Brown Butter Rice Krispy Treats.

Two of the things I'm making my family for Christmas presents. Baking was a lot cheaper and everyone loves sweet shit.


I'm doing Rolo Cake Mix Bars (that only require 4 ingredients) and Salted Brown Butter Rice Krispy treats (which only require sea salt).

Plus I'm going to do chocolate covered peanut clusters and almond bark pretzels. The pretzels are one of my favorite things in the world and I'm taking some of those home with me.

I also make monkey bread for my family on Christmas morning. This year I have to make two because my boyfriend wants one.

I'll sleep at my apartment with my boyfriend Christmas Eve, come up to his place in the morning for a minute, then go to my parents' and celebrate with my family, minus one sister (who is coming to town today). We'll do presents and then we're doing a dinner where everyone makes one thing. Then I'll go back to my boyfriend's.

Not sure what will happen after that, but his family likes to celebrate with alcohol so who knows? I don't work the next day. ('Cause work is screwing me out of hours. I only got 22 this week.)

Anyway, yay for baking and Christmas presents. Sorry for the touch of Scrooge there.
December 22nd, 2012 at 07:52pm