Christmas Jolly.

It's almost Christmas!!

I am definitely on christmas spirit because i have survived the end of the world. No, really. I love christmas so much though because this time of the day is where the good thing usually happens to me. It's definitely been a while since i have a crush on someone who isn't a celebrity (mind you) and i am very happy to know that he likes me the same way!

I am definitely not categorise as one of the pretty girls that boys would just praise at their feet so it is definitely a nice change to this.

Oh, i am so sorry for all the people who hasnt received their one shot yet. I was too busy with my Personal Project and all the homework and the moving and going to search for good medical school. I promise you though that it will be done, i'm not exactly sure when but when it's finished, i will definitely message you beautiful people.

Anyway, i have to go and write an art critic on Pablo Picasso.

Ciao! (:

ps: please read this story RULES. You won't regret it (:
December 23rd, 2012 at 01:52pm