I can't have sex and leave STDs in the Hobby Lobby bathroom.

My day was interesting so far.

Hobby Lobby is opting to take a 1.2 million dollar a day fine over offering Plan B and some forms of birth control. (Not sure if it's all or some.) They're claiming it's against their religious beliefs to offer "abortion-inducing drugs".

There are multiple problems with this argument, the first of which is:


It prevents implantation from occurring, also known as the egg attaching to the uterus lining and then the pregnancy starting. If implantation has already occurred, the pill will not then abort it; it simply won't work.

The second big problem is:


Hell, they can't even have religious beliefs. Why? Because they are corporations, not people. Hobby Lobby can't believe in God anymore than the gas station down the street can worship Satan. Sure, the people running it can, but they aren't the corporation itself.

Not to mention, religious freedom is the freedom ram your religion down the throats of everyone else.

So, yeah, I got told that 'thank God' I'm boycotting Hobby Lobby because I won't be spreading STDs in the bathroom anymore. Because, of course, any woman who has sex must be a promiscuous whore who has an abundance of STDs and would give them to you by sitting on the toilet seat. (The lady who said that must have heard that excuse from her husband once or twice. 'All those damn whore in the bathrooms, honey, they just keep . . .)

And then a man told me if I don't want to get pregnant, I just shouldn't have sex, to which I gave him a whole damn earful because I am sick to death of the idea that sex is some sort of bad thing we have to not do. And I love it when men say that because, well, sorry but it's really fucking easy for them to say that shit, isn't it?

My vagina is none of your business. You do not get to tell me whether or not I have sex. I've been with my boyfriend for over a year and a half and I am an adult. I'm more than capable of making my own damn decisions when it comes to sex. There is nothing wrong with having sex and S shouldn't have to bring a baby into this world because the thought of me using my vagina for pleasure scares you. Get the fuck over it.

So, yeah, there's my Hobby Lobby rant about me being a big ho.
December 28th, 2012 at 09:05pm