Facebook Rant vs. Mibba Rant.

A Facebook rant for me generally includes calling people a shit ton of profane names and swearing and insulting people. Not Mibbians or anything. Generally politicians, people who have stolen from me, or mean people. But this isn't allowed on Mibba, 'cause it's bashing. (And that's fine.)

I think I get so mad and mean and bitchy and angry on Facebook because I have to be so nice and censored on Mibba. I actively have to censor myself if I'm writing a rant or a bitchfest because I just naturally want to call it like I see it and I'm blunt.

So my Mibba rant about feminism today started with: "Getting so sick of hearing that things like . . ."

My Facebook rant started with: "so sick of reading all these babbling bitches saying . . ."

Dru can be very mean and obnoxious on Facebook.

I'm even worse on Tumblr because I have the anon function on in my ask box and some people are just effing rude. I can't even post some of the things I've said on Tumblr here 'cause I think I'd get banned.

But, yeah, this is just me talking about what a bitch I am. But that's what you get when you mess with Druscilla Fucking Ryan.


(P.S., Thanks to battalions. for setting up my new journal layout. I did the banner and since the generator is so confusing to me, she was nice enough to put it all together.)
January 2nd, 2013 at 04:46am