The Delhi Rape

A few months ago, in south Delhi, a 23 year old college student was savagely gang raped, beaten then thrown out of a moving bus. The men who attacked her; raped for her for about an hour before violating her with a metal rod. This led to her losing about 95% of her intestines. On the 20th of December, hanging on to life by a thread, she wrote to her mother with tears in her eyes pleading; "I want to live."

She died eight days after from severe brain injury, lung infection and intestinal problems. She was cremated on January the 3rd. She was a medical student, engaged and due to be married early this year. Her fiancé, also on the bus with her that day, was also attacked, stripped naked and thrown out of the moving bus with her.

She is never going to have a family, treat patients or save a life.

Her family is never going to hear her laugh again, see her smile, or hold her close.

She's gone. It's over.

This is the story of the Delhi rape victim. This is the story of an attack so savage that the world is still in shock after hearing of it. This is a story that every woman in the world should hear about and stand up against.

This young girl, not three years older than I am, could have had a future. She doesn't any more.

We have to stand together to make sure that this kind of atrocities never, ever happen again.
January 3rd, 2013 at 10:34pm