Ya know, not all Americans suck.

Lately I've been seeing a lot of hate directed towards Americans around the internet, whether it be on tumblr, twitter, here, or facebook. It's definitely not unfounded, as a lot of American people have prejudices and stereotypes towards "different" groups of people or other countries.

But guess what?

The same exact thing happens in every single country in existence. Unfortunately I think racism, prejudice, stereotyping, sexism, or exclusion of any kind is an innate human characteristic. Now, by all means, it is wrong. I'm so not defending it.

I guess I'm just tired of seeing a ton of posts about how Americans are all fat lazy slobs that do nothing but stuff their faces with french fries and take daily baths of ignorance and stupidity. By calling Americans that all the time, you are perpetuating the very cultural ignorance you are protesting so loudly against.

Not all Americans hate middle eastern people. Not all Americans are uneducated. Not all Americans think that all British people drink tea constantly. Of course it happens, but it isn't a standard for American living. Hell, our "culture" is derived from a myriad of other countries squashed together and blended into something that can never be called innately American.

This blog post kind of sucks but I guess it's just been building up for awhile.

Racism, cultural stereotyping, prejudice, ignorance - they exist in all countries. It is wrong. So, maybe rethink consistently bashing Americans for something that you are doing yourself.


Jesus I'm not even a patriotic person, ask anyone that knows me. But I can't stand to see the "pot calling the kettle black" in any situation.
January 4th, 2013 at 04:19pm