Food Stamps and Cashiers

If anyone reading this works at wal-mart or any other super market that accepts food stamps and you happen to also receive food stamps, you’ll understand how frustrated it can make me sometimes. I don’t always work up front by recently, that’s been my station lately in my job. And I love working where I do, so it has nothing to do with my job. It’s what happens on a day-to-day basis and especially during the first of the month. You have your WIC people and your Food Stamps people. As an up-front statement, my family and I have food stamps. The reason we have food stamps is because my father lost his job that he was working at for 20+ years. He lost everything and had to go a few years(up until recently) working at part time jobs that only lasted several hours a day. That isn't enough to feed a family of three. My mom has anxiety problems to the point that she can’t get a job, but she’s trying. She used to work for my great grandfather, who passed away unfortunately in November of 2009. I've been working at wal-mart since April of 2012 and never have I encountered something so ridiculous as I did the other day. I had one customer come up, and it was a busy day, with three carts full of groceries. I rang all of them up, of course having to usher them to grab some of the bags because there’s only limited room for bags, and told them their total. I don’t remember what the total was but as she began to pay, she used several EBT food stamps cards. I’m aware that some people can be living under the same roof and they can all be using their cards but in order to have 600+ dollars worth of food stamps that would have to be one huge house with tons of children. Food stamps is very picky with things considering for a family of three, they were only giving us 180 bucks a month to live off of. In order to get a card with several hundred bucks on there, you have to have tons of children and be incredibly under poverty. But the fact that they used multiple cards isn't the worst thing about it. I feel as though if you’re going to be whipping out a significantly large wad of cash and handing off an 100 dollar bill to one of the girls with you to buy clothes, when she’s already pretty well dressed, then I don’t think you deserve the food stamps. It’s working class people paying for the food that you are eating, when we’re sitting here working our asses off and you have several hundred dollars in cash. Now, tell me how you get that much food stamps when I make 300+ dollars a month and they still only give us 130 dollars a month now, and dwindling. Also, if you’re buying junk food or anything that has no nutritional value at all, you don’t deserve food stamps. If I see one more person buying BEEF JERKY with their food stamps I may strangle them.

January 8th, 2013 at 08:48pm