Normandy and a Lack of Internet.

Seriously. The internet at my house has been out for two weeks. I can deal with it okay; it's just proving a bit difficult when it comes to...updates. I'm almost finished with the next chapter of Summer Shadows but it's not like I can easily update that from my phone, so yeah.

I apologize. Here and now. I'll try to get it updated next time I'm over at a friend's house, but for now I'm kind of stuck sitting here without a way to do it. So I haven't been intentionally inactive lately, it's just not as fun to try to do this stuff on a phone (and lets be frank, posting chapters that are thousands of words long really can't be done).

Also I may or may not have pink-eye. It sucks.

But it's Hey Arnold! night so I'm going to sit back and watch that when it comes on. Two hours of Hey Arnold! Do you know how awesome that is???

That's like seriously my all time favorite cartoon. It just makes you realize how great the 90's were.

Anyhow. I'm going to go watch that when it comes back on and then try to finish up this chapter. I'll just give you a bit of a hint for the rest of Summer Shadows:

I hope you didn't like that character.
January 10th, 2013 at 05:41am