K-POP Playlist of the Week!! #7

Okay guys...

Seems like for this long-overdue K-POP Playlist of the Week, Imma gonna be a YG whore again...I can't help it; I just love YG so much!! XD That record label is just sooo epic!!
The last playlist I made was a J-POP one...and no one seemed to care. XD I swear, if I like it, it's good music. So give them a chance too. =P

Anywhoo...you guys know the drill.

TVXQ/東方神起's Share the World

~Okie doke...so going a bit back in time with this one. Anyone a fan of One-Piece like me? If so, you would recognize this song. This is when the group was still a group of five, but it was towards the end of the five-group. But I gotta say, I love this song...It's one of my favorite Japanese songs by them.

B.A.P's Stop It

~This song and video makes me sooo happy. XD So here's a huge change from their other songs like No Mercy and Power but I rather love this change. It's cutesy and the guys really turned up the aegyo without it being obnoxious. It's light and energetic and both the song and music video were great!!


~Ahhh...and here comes the YG swing. =P 2NE1 is actually a girl group I actually like. I love the beat of this song and also have to respect how these girls aren't afraid to push the limits...I also have to give them props for dancing like that in them killer heels. O_o!!

BIGBANG's Feeling

~Hm, in this video, the audio seems slightly faster...=/ but yea, so this song is just...gah!
My older sister got me this special edition album for Christmas, and I gotta say I love it. This song is on it, along with Ego, Love Dust, Blue, Badboy and of course, Fantastic Baby. I really like this song and it has been stuck in my head all week.


~I AM A YG WHORE!! >_< ...but after all these artists, can you blame me???? And this song and its powerful and fast beat really grabs my attentions. GAH!!

UKISS's Beautiful

~Is it even possible to hate UKISS? When they sing songs like this??? When the SOUND like this?? When Eli looks like that What? Oh nothing, never mind...XD
But isn't this a cute song?? I LOVE THIS SONG!! ...and Eli's rapping...UMPH!!

SHINee's Note

~You guys know these guys' Sherlock. This is basically HALF the song. For those of you that don't know, Sherlock is made up two pieces, Clue and Note...or it's divided into these two pieces...who know, but I love the song. My sister also got me this album...and as much as I love the songs believe me, it scarred the both of us. Least to say it wasn't what either one of us were expecting to come in through the mail. O_O

Yep, I think I'll leave it at that for now. Happy listening and let me know of your feels. XD
January 11th, 2013 at 04:49am