I'm 40 points away from being in the lead!!! :DD

Okay, so, the other day I posted a blog about this contest I'm doing. If you didn't read it, basically I entered this contest on my college's page to win free textbooks for my freshman year. They sent us a tshirt around the holidays and we were told to put it on and take a picture. The most creative wins a $500 scholarship and the one with the most points wins free textbooks. Well, the girl in the lead has 351 likes and 144 shares and I have 260 likes and 170 shares.

So, I'm 40 points away from winning!!!!
I'm so excited.

I've been on my sister's facebook all day because she has like 600 friends. And I've been messaging everyone that gets online to like and share my picture. xD It's been working. I got over 100 likes and shares doing that.

Omg 1 more share. Make that 38 points away from taking the lead!

If I win free textbooks I will seriously cry tears of joy.
I've never won a contest like this.
I just want to kiss everyone. (in a friendly way loll)

Here's the picture.

(I'm going to delete my other blog about this contest in case this is considered spamming or duplicating a blog entry...)
January 13th, 2013 at 06:32am