Movies with Awesome Parents.

I love movies with funny, fantastic parent characters. Generally these are "teen" type movies where the characters are not the main focus. But they often end up stealing the show.

I'm going to list some of my favorite movies with awesome parents and then please share yours since I want to watch more!

Whip It

Her parents are so well-developed and interesting. They are in the heart of Texas, trying to raise well-adjusted happy daughters. They are misguided in their attempts at times, but are genuinely good people. Marcia Gay Harden plays the mom, who thinks her daughters can learn a lot from beauty pageants. But she also gives her rebellious older daughter some freedom of expressions. The dad is played by the curly-haired bad guy from "Home Alone". He's funnier, wanted a son but loves his daughters. The younger daughter is also a funny nonjudgmental character.

Easy A

OMG, Stanley Tucci plays the awesome, hilarious, insane father and the mom is even more awesome and insane. I love Stanley Tucci in pretty much anything he does, especially comedic roles. They're reactions to their daughter's "gay boyfriend" are both hilarious. And they seem to be incredibly competent parents because their daughter is, like, maturity-wise a genius and has this incredibly large vocabulary.


I'm sure everyone expected this one to show up, but it deserves to be here. Brenda, the stepmom, and the dad in this movie are both really interesting and funny characters. I love that Brenda is a very typical, normal stepmom. There is not really drama between her and Juno about Brenda being a stepmom, just normal teenage shit. And Brenda never really treats Juno like a "stepchild". I also love the way they talk, but that's a lot of Diablo Cody's writing.

Obviously, Transformers, but they went a little overboard in the sequel.

What movies do you guys recommend?

January 15th, 2013 at 07:56pm