For Anyone That Reads Anything Of Mine?

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, most likely if you've ever read and are hopefully still reading my stories, you could have noticed the absence of Alice.
Or more likely the absence of updates, because that's all I really am to most of you, hahaha.
But overall, I suppose I have sort of disappeared from the Mibbasphere for the past month a little bit. Image

However, I do have an explanation for my oopsie-daisy! :o
And that is... exams.
School this year, since it's my last, is super-duper important, unlike all the other years of breezing by, I actually need to... try, this year. Image
If it sounds horrifying, that's because it is! xD
Either way, all these projects have completely bombarded me coupled with the exhaustion of studying = stressful to even think about recreational writing.
And while I do miss Ash and Chase and Mason and Layla with all my dearest heart, I have been forced to keep them to the side. Image

There is a bright side, though! Image

Not this Monday but the next one, I will be writing my last exam.
And then... that's it!
I have an entire week free from all this school related, which means loads and loads of free time that is just begging to be eaten up by me writing about stupid boys with stupid problems that like to kiss every one in a while. Image

And so while I know I've been notorious at being a horrible, horrible updater, I just want to thank you so, so much if you've stuck by me for my stories.
Especially Homophobe that has been recieving a ridiculous amount of feedback I could have never even dreamed of, with almost 300 subscribers and 240 comments I am in awe, and I truly do feel really terrible that I haven't been updating, and super guilty. :(

To be honest, I wouldn't be that surprised if most of my readers disappeared, haha.
I hope not, but reality and all that.

So to be clear, both Homphobe and Gay Men 101 will be updated next-next week and hopefully with a new semester and lighter work load, frequent updates following. Image

And, some more blogs and gay fiction reading lists! If you guys are still into that, of course.
I actually do like writing blogs and hope to make them a bigger part of my Mibba experience, probably going to make another Hello I'm Alice nice to meet you blog considering most of you have no idea who I am. Image

That's all I really have to say, so thank you for all my super awesome readers for being super understanding!
Au Reviour!
And have a dandy day~! Image
January 21st, 2013 at 03:39am