Normandy is glaring at your double standards

Have you noticed how male and female characters garner different responses for similar traits/actions? Have you noticed how its a bit skewed and sometimes misogynistic? Lets take a look:

Sarcastic male character- oh he's so witty and charming!

Sarcastic female character- why is she so bitchy?

Emotional male character- hes so in touch with his feelings.

Emotional female character- god why is she so whiny? Suck it up.

Independent male character- what a badass!

Independent female character- what, does she think shes better than everyone? Shes trying too hard.

Male character parties, sleeps around- stud, potential love interest for MC.

Female character parties, sleeps around- slut who is probably trying to take the guy from your MC.

And let me be frank, all those piss me off. Because equal actions do not deserve to garnish different results because of a character's sex. Why do girls have to be whiny if they're emotional while you praise a guy for it? Jesus I find the overly emotional guys are a pain in the ass. Why can't a female lead who is strong not be considered a bitch or prideful? Why does the sex life of one make them desirable while the sex life of the other make them evil?

Girls who are sarcastic are no more bitchy than guys who are.

Girls who are emotional are no worse than guys who are.

Girls who are independent are no more prideful than guys who are.

Girls who sleep around are NO MORE SLUTTY THAN GUYS WHO DO. A woman's worth is not in the number of guys shes slept with or if her virginity is still in tact.

Stop using double standards against female characters. Its so stupid. It still baffles me how similar attitudes can be greeted with such different and hostile responses.
January 25th, 2013 at 12:34am