Mibba Drinking Game

You take a shot when...

1. ...someone uses quote punctuation wrong ("That's horrible." He said.)
2. ...a smut story uses the phrase "throbbing member."
3. ...there are three or more One Direction stories on the main story page.
4. ...a contest you're entered in ends and the winners are never announced.
5. ...no layout whatsoever.
6. ...a story is named after a song.
7. ...a story isn't updated for a year or more.
8. ...a story's paragraphs are all smushed together.
9. ...you read the phrase (or a variation of) "Not good at descriptions, just read it!"
10. ...a teenage character gets pregnant.
11. ...unreadable layout and/or neon writing on a black background.
12. ...unnecessarily long snippet of song lyrics.

Add your own ideas! Let's get creative. =)
January 25th, 2013 at 08:51am