Katsumi Tells All: WWE Royal Rumble Coverage (Spoilers)

They just used the word swag on WWE Pre show, I'm now greatly emberassed Cesoro retains his belt and pisses me off I hate this guy, hope they eliminate him quick in the Rumble

Alberto Delrio, retains by cheating, had Ricardo duck tape Show to the ropes last man standing or not that shouldn't have been allowed, just more of a reason I don't like Ricardo, though I did love the segment with Bret Heart!

Ziggy finally picks his # for the rumble and he picks #1 and now Aj is going nutz again ... "How fast and how fare can you run in five second?" Is what she asked Matt Striker and now Big E is being stupid, this is retarded such a wast of talent

best comment JBL has ever had, "Why are you quoting Dr. Shelby, thats like quoting Hannible Lecter!" Love how the crowd is more in to Cody's stach then the match himself, rooting for Team Hell No
And Team Hell No Retains
The Royal Rumble is the most unpredictable ppv in wwe history because every wwe superstar is eligible to enter.. And now its time for the Royal Rumble


The rules of the Royal Rumble is that every 90 seconds a new person will enter the ring and you must be eliminated by both feet touching the floor after going over the top rope

Dolph Ziggler is # 1

Y2J Chris Jerico # 2

The look on Ziggy’s face just now was way to funny, considering his wwe contract was terminated backin the Summer this is way to good so fare This Jerico’s 7th RR last year he was eliminated by the Celtic Warrior

# 3 Cody Rhods his fourth ever Rumble

#4 is Koffy Kingston, also his 4th Rumble he even won a slammy this year for his hand stand last year at the rumble

#5 Saintino and the cobra

Our first elimination of the night Santino and the cobra by Cody Rhods

#6 Drew Mac, from 3MB

#7 Tits O’neal

Drew Eliminated by Y2J

#8 GOLD DUST!!!!!!

#9 David Otunga entering his 3rd Rumble

#10 Heath Slater who I’d like to point out has only ever won, one singles match in his carrer and it was against Bozo The Clown, 10 bucks says Goldust Eliminates him

#11 The Celtic Warrior (Or) The Great White, he’s last years winner

Tits O Neal Eliminated by Shemuas and Otunga but only for the Great white to eliminate Otunga

#12 Tensi
#13 Brodus, The Funkasuras accompanied by the Taradactals
Cody Eliminates Goldust and gets lots of boo’s

#14 Ray Mystrio! Has a record for entering at #2 and lasting for 62 minutes

#15 Darren Young

Brodus Clay eliminated not sure by who

Tensi Eliminated by Koffy

Cody tried to Eliminate Koffy but he jumped on Tensi’s back and landed on the announcers table where he is now taking JBL’s Chair to hop from the table back to the ring and now he’s back in the Rumble
#16 Bo Dalls guy from NXT
Darren Eliminated by Koffy followed by him being eliminated by Cody
#17 THE GODFATHER but only with two hoes  remember guys pimping aint easy (He didn’t even get in the ring but for 1 sec, Dolph Eliminated him

#18Wade Barret
#19 Super Cena
Slater is gone and Cody both by Cena
#20 Sandow
Mystrio take out by Wade
Ziggle and Y2J both been in over an hour now
#21 Goat face Danyil Bryan
#22 US Champ Cesoro boooooooo
#23 Kali (Was the first man to be eliminated by a diva)
#24 Kane (Who’s eliminated 11 ppl in one match)
#25 Broski Zack Ryder
26 Randy Orton
27 Jindermahal
28 Miz
29 don’t remember
30 Ryback

Sandow was eliminated, the NXT guy eliminated Wad and then Wade pulled him over the top

Ziggy Eliminated Jerico who lasted 47 minutes, 5 guys left in the ring RKO to super Cena, RKO to the Celtic Warrior man I <3 Orton
DAMN IT TO HELL AD BACK Ryback eliminated Orton, Great White eliminated Ziggy at 49 minutes down to the final 3 come on Great white ….

Mother fuckers, Ryback takes out the great white at 37 minutes and 24 seconds well either way the Rumble sucked this year only 2 special entrants and two crappy guys left in the ring, cant stand Ryback but I don’t want super Cena to win..

Micheal Cole just called Ryback Seamus, I’m guess that’s who was suppoused to be in the final two..

And Super Cena wins it, yay (Not) looks like we’ll be getting rock VS Cena again, guess instead of once ina life time it’ll be twice in a life time so boring I’ll sleep through that match yet again..

That was such a nice roll.up by punk, but even better turn over by rock who just wiggled out of the anaconda vice, one of the better submissions... Rock has punk locked in to the sharpshooter

The shield just screwed the rock Damn it, hope punk gets stripped mondaynight

Bullshit, bullshit, sorry for language but its bs, n now punk is being a sore winner, tonight was a big waste, or was it out comes Vinnie Mac

Vince goes to strip cm punk but rock asks for the match to be restarted love it

Vince goes to strip cm punk but rock asks for the match to be restarted love itwe have a new WWE champ, I'm the people n after 10 years our champ has gold around his waist!!!!

January 28th, 2013 at 08:46pm