Hetero- and cis-normative thoughts.

Because this terminology isn't always known to people, I will define those two words for you.

Heteronormative is the assumption that everyone is straight. You see two guys together, you assume they're brothers before dating but you assume a guy and girl are a couple. Like that. You might be like 'oh, this is a typo they said Sarah's wife has cancer' and it's not. Sarah is a lesbian.

Cisnormative is the assumption everyone is cisgendered. Cisgendered means your gender (psychological) matches your sex (biological). For example, I am cisgendered. I have a female gender and a female sex. My sister is transgendered, she has a female gender and a male sex (born male). She is a woman. So assuming everyone is cis.

Despite being a nonstraight individual, I do find I have heteronormative and cisnormative thoughts. I try not to and I am make a conscious effort to identify these thoughts when the occur and correct them. I am getting better and I often am able to look at this without cis/heteronormative thoughts.

But it is difficult because of how we grow up, what we see in the media, how things are talked about in society, just the way everything is projected to us.

So I am going to try very hard to correct the way I think and make it habit to have inclusive thoughts, not exclusive ones and try very hard to not project those normative thoughts onto my children.
January 31st, 2013 at 01:23am