Fall Out Boy is never ever getting back together, never . . . NOT.


Fall Out Boy is back. I found out on my lunch break at work. I just happened to go on Facebook on lunch and saw all the stuff. Totally flipped. Didn't eat and spent my lunch FOBspamming my feed.

They aren't coming to Omaha so I'll do KC in May unless my boyfriend wants to go to Denver in June. (We want to go to Colorado anyway.)

Heard the new single and I fucking love it. People are crazy. It's great and it is so much a progression from songs like 'w.a.m.s.' and 'West Coast Smoker' on Folie a Deux. I'm so excited. The album comes out in May, which is when my birthday/anniversary is. ^_^

Already got in an argument with someone about Fall Out Boy on Tumblr, so the boys are definitely back. Hopefully I can give myself a FOB tattoo before I see their show. I have several ideas I need to work out, but there will definitely be a 'Hum Hallelujah' tattoo and probably 'detox just to retox'.

Oh and new FOB theme.

February 5th, 2013 at 06:33am