Plotless co-write! Need authors ^-^

So I have an idea for an story about mental illnesses that requires multiple authors - I'm talking possibly 5, depending on how many people are interested.

The story would be set in a psychiatric ward, and based around the introduction of a camera room; basically an empty room, a former cupboard or such, which has only a chair and a camera. The point of this room would be for patients to talk about whatever they want to the camera; preferably subjects they would feel difficult to bring up talking face to face with a fellow human.

I have already started a story with this kind of layout/idea so I could test out the style and I personally find it a very good ice breaker when I'm sitting down to write something substantial. A small chapter about Jillian and I'm good to go on the rest of my stories. The story, Winters, can be found here .Please do read a chapter or two to get an idea of the sort of style I'm talking about, but there's no need for any feedback - it's just an example!

Basically I'm offering this up as a plotless, fun and hopefully inspiring co-write. You invent a character and, whenever you feel like it, you write a chapter in said style. Chapter lengths can be whatever you want, and this is really just accessible to all. There are only a few things that you MUST include in each chapter but they're simple things like < session ended >etc.

If you think you're interested please leave me a comment/ inbox me saying what illness you'd be interested in writing (you can change or have multiple ones - and authors can have the same illness; it's just so I have an idea of what the layout should be like) and I'll get back to you with any other details if I choose you! (: I'd really like to get this off the ground, so don't be shy ^-^

Also, if anyone is interested in this, I need ideas for a title - please leave suggestions!
February 27th, 2013 at 05:52pm