AHLICE IS A COMMENT MONSTER // come here for reviews of your stories/poems!

Hello! It's your girl Alice, and to do my part in being more active in the Mibba community I'd like to request to review all of your stories! If may take from anytime of one day to on week, but I will give an honest review, and I will try to give as much constructive criticism as I possible can. Just remember that my review is my opinion, and you're not obligated to changing anything just to fit my needs.

General rules for reviewing:

* I don't like reading stories that have a shit load of grammatical errors, almost like you didn't even read over it before you posted it to the website. I'll probably tell you that and apologize, because that ruins the flow of your story for me.

* I'll only read about five chapters if the chapters are pretty fucking long, and if they're short I'll probably read almost as many as you have up. But I may read many long chapters if the story is getting good.

Some rules of stories I am not taking review requests for:

* Band fics. Sorry — I don't care for any bands and it'll just be pain and tears for me to read it. I'll reading 1D fics, though, if you call that a band?? and review it. Sorry.

* No pure heterosexual smut stories. I don't care to read about heterosexual sex to that extent, sorry. I'll read it if it isn't all about the sex, but if almost every chapter has it? I can't. Apologies.

* No purse homosexual smut stories. I read enough hard smut stories for that; so this pretty much is the same as the heterosexual smut rule above.

* No stories that has the plot revolved around a mental illness 95% of the time. I've read enough of those, and I'm tired of them.

* No vampire/werewolf stuff. No one understands how tired I am of that.

And, most importantly:


* Go welcome five new members to Mibba. Go, go, go. Be active, my friend!

* Recommend this blog post so that all your friends may see it! I need to be busy; go!

* Keep doing what you love!


I sound really picky. Sorry. But I'm open to bending the rules if you have a good argument! New users will get first dibs, so if you're new, yay!
February 27th, 2013 at 10:10pm