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I'm thinking I'm going to make a new blog layout soon, even though the cat is ah-dorable, I think it's a little time for change.
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But enough of that, moving on to what caught your eye in the first place (the title, haha) I assume you've come her for some delicious slash-y goodness!
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First some self-advertising of my own and a little gushy gooeyness for my readers, since I update for the first time in a lot longer than planned yesterday, and you guys were still as awesome as always~!
My story Homophobe!

It's the first story I ever wrote on Mibba, and I cannot honestly believe the super duper awesome feedback I've received from the beginning until now!
It's only nineteen chapters and it has over 800 readers, 107 reccs, 361 subscribers and 264 comments!
You guys, I adore you, from the bottom of my very heart, honestly.
I appreciate every little feedback I get for this story!
You guys are so awesome.

So if you're looking for a slash that's a pretty good amount already written, I'm not saying your sights would be uninvited, haha.

And also, on that note, since I've gotten such wonderous feedback, I'm thinking of doing a small giveaway?
Maybe even a little cute mail to the person who wins first?
Just spit-balling, haha. Image

And here's a couple more that I'd like to recommend:

Cat and Mouse by sugarbone.
It's super awesomely written and it's a unique twist on the familiar idea that we all love to read!


Gargantuan Clusterfuck by Da Real Barack Obama
I feel like the title says it all, but it's lovable and hilarious and adorable all in one chapter and even though it's only been so, I'm already starting to fall in love with the plot and the character.
Just read it, haha. Trust me! Image

Considering my hiatus I haven't read much as of recently, so please, don't be shy!
I'd love if you recommended any slashes/gay fiction to this poor girl here in desperate need of some reading material!
That would be quite dandy of you!

I also have other lists of slash in other blogs, and I don't want any repeats, so if you're still looking you're welcome to sift through those!

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And that is all, Mibba!
Au reviour~! ♥
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March 1st, 2013 at 03:22am