NASCAR, I'm pretty sure I almost had an anxiety attack, shameless story pimping, and banner and layout help

I know that hockey seems to be the most popular sport in Mibba but I've got to throw this out there. I know of a few other users on here that are NASCAR fans and I'm hoping there are more. So are there any more NASCAR fans around here?

So pretty much all this week I had this strange feeling in my chest. I thought it was just stress because I've got a done of stuff I need to get done in the next week. So Thursday night I made myself just relax and made myself desserts for a while and yesterday morning I felt a lot better. Then when I asked my mom what an anxiety attack feels like when its building up she described exactly how I'd been feeling since Monday night. Not exactly what I wanted to hear but I'm definitely going to work to stay calmer and not let things get to me so much anymore because I don't want to actually have an attack next time. Has anyone else had an experience like this before?

As I said in the title, I'm going to do a little shameless story pimping here. I've been pretty much gone from Mibba for a few months and I've just popped in once in a while. I'm looking to change that and what better way than to advertise some of my stories? So here goes.

Fireflies - A Ryan Truex fanfiction. The NASCAR part of the story is pretty subdued, pretty much non-existent, so even if you don't care for NASCAR but would be willing to check this story out and give it a shot I'd appreciate it.

Broken - A Martin Truex Jr. fanfiction. Like in Fireflies, the NASCAR part isn't right there in your face all the time. It does play a bigger part in this story but its not a bunch of technical or race terms and information.

The Clearing - Original fiction one-shot.

The Downpour - Original fiction one shot. [/url]

Swing Sets and First Kisses - Original fiction one shot.

I have banners and layouts for all of my stories but I'm thinking about changing them. Since I'm trying to kick-start things on this site again I think this might be a good way. So if you'd be willing to make a banner and/or layout for me for me please send me a message so we can talk about details.
March 2nd, 2013 at 08:06pm