Katsumi Tells All: WWE THeme Punk,Taker,Disrespectfull? Attitude Era

The first segment with Taker going to pay tribute, and Punk inturupting I think was done very tasteful and Paul would have enjoyed it, he was always a guy who wanted to do what was good for busnies and though what Punk did I still say was very douch bag of him.

He didn't say anything bad about Paul Bearer, in fact what he said to get the heat and to make the fued more intense was true, sorry if some of you don't like that.

Of course the false fact that he stated here was that Taker would be 20-1 cause we all know the truth is its going to be 21-0 yes I'm a taker mark sorry...

The stuff he did later that night with Kane in the ring was nice to, they really did well in keeping with Paul being Kane's dad, the storyline is what made the match with Kane and Punk so good to watch.

The stuff afterwards wow, just wow, I have to say Punk stealing the Urn was probably the most disrespectful thing he did that whole night, but the way he did it yet again, wasn't in disrespect to the late and great Paul Bearer.

All he was mostly doing was mocking Taker and yet again gaining the heat he's going to need to go in as a heel at WM 29

And now I have to say I'm a fan of a lot of wrestling pages and I see the fans & the admins of said pages always complaining on wanting the Attitude Era, back. Hating this Pg Era, yet soon as they do something a little border line bad..

I'm not just talking this whole Punk and Paul Bearer disrespect but also the whole Zeb Coulter thing, well news flash for you all, both of them things would be a lot worse then it is now. And you say you want proof fine here ya go.

Death wise, how about how they used the actual real life death of the Big Show's dad and had the big Boss man take the damn casket? Yeah a lot worse then what Punk did this Monday and ya know what not a soul said anything bad about it

JBL's fued with Eddie was a lot worse then the one going on with Swagger and Del Rio, also just so we're all aware Mexican Jumping Bean though not nice actually isn't a racist statement.

So before you start saying the Pg Era sucks and we need more Attitude Era why don't you guys sit down and think if you cant handle this mild stuff thats going on now how could you handle it intensified?

Also just thought I'd point out a good bit of the Attitude Era other then the blood and the cussing was Pg
March 13th, 2013 at 12:52am