Road Trip Blog #1 (New Job)

I feel like a little bit of recap is in order since I haven't posted a blog or anything on here in awhile. If it is the first time reading one of my thoughts or blog stories I really hope you can pick up on the sarcasm in my writing. I got a new seasonal job working for a retired hall of fame baseball player. I won't mention his name because I never really name names and I don't want to get in trouble for using it. The job in itself is basically a job that lasts around four months. We travel around the east coast, south, and midwest and put on baseball clinics to the youth in the area. The age group ranges from 4-16 year olds. Although in my opinion I feel like the only kids getting much out of these camps are between the ages of 8-13. We get paid weekly which is nice. It is only $250 but all travel expenses are paid for and all hotel expenses are paid for as well. The expenses we have to worry about is basically food and laundry. Not too bad huh? I like to call an extended road trip or the rock star road trip. I originally planned on shooting some YouTube videos for my channel (MrBAHeartbreak) but I am never alone to shoot a video or do any editing so it dawned on me yesterday that I should just go back to writing some blogs here and there so people can keep up with me and I can remember what types of things we've done. This will be an ongoing diary of sorts of the daily events that have been going on lately. Some of it will be funny, others maybe sad, and others may just be me venting because well I'm opinionated and I always have something to vent about. I'm going to end it at that because I have over a weeks worth of catching up to do and I don't want to make them too lengthy if I can help it.
March 19th, 2013 at 04:18pm