Road Trip Blog #5 (Scarletts & Sunburns)

After our second camp on a Thursday we were told we had an off day, essentially a travel day, and we wanted to make sure we maximized our time down in southern Florida. We had gotten back from our camp later than expected and I had two ideas put out there for the group of guys who wanted to do something. By now it felt like to me that two groups were forming. I had a group and then there was a group of guys who had returned from last season and were also hanging out with the director. That group decided to go to the Ale House down the road. I dropped them off so I could use their car. I ended up going to Scarlett's Cabaret's gentleman's club (a strip club). I went with Fred, Brady, and we picked up a guy who was riding in my car, Matt, and drove down there. I had been there before so I knew what to expect but all three of those guys were in that stage of being stunned and having their eyes wide opened. This strip club is actually like those awesome strip clubs you see in movies and on TV. The cover charge was only ten bucks though. Two of us bought private room lap dances, one of us ended up spending over $100, and that's all I'm going to say. I'm not going to say who did what but the place again was awesome. All the girls are sexy as hell and there was a great variety. We ended the night out by the pool chatting away and two of us had stogies. Went to bed around 5 am and then had a travel day to Port St. Lucie. I did my laundry once we got there and we ended the evening watching college basketball games and the World Baseball Classic game. We went to a place called Duffy's and I eat the daily special. It was a really good meal and only cost me $9. I left earlier than most because I wanted to do some grocery shopping and I wanted to get to bed after being out all night the day before. I think it was a Friday and we had an early Saturday morning camp.

The camp itself was only at 9 am around Vero Beach but we had planned to leave at 6:15 I believe. We had a camp that was about 90 kids. My voice was starting to get strained from all the yelling but I was dealing with it. It was nice to have an early camp and then have the rest of the day off. Most of the guys came back and took naps. I decided I was going to take a nap out by the pool and get a light tan/burn now so I could get it out of the way early. That wasn't a good idea. I ended up spending an hour outside in the sun. It was mid 70's and had a great breeze so I never noticed how bad I burned. The worst part was the Sunday camp was in the afternoon. My elbows and forearms have never been burned so bad. We went back over by Duffy's Saturday night. They had a huge bowling alley and a place for mini golfing and laser tag. We had a really attractive and adorable acting server named Jordan. The guys were flirting with her while Fred and I did trick shots bowling. We ended up getting a package of two hours for unlimited bowling, a game of laser tag, and a game of mini golfing for $10 or $15. We got there later and the place was closing so I never got my game of mini golf. I was pretty bummed about that but I dominated in our one game of laser tag. I had 7250 points in ten minutes. Fred and I ended the night talking about girls and how we feel embarrassed being around guys who still say childish things to try to get girls numbers and impress them.
March 19th, 2013 at 05:40pm