Why Dis Chris?

I was looking up pictures of Chris on my teachers computer, and I found one I really like. So I click on it and it turns out to be a gif...not that I'm complaining...but I can't use a gif for a layout...can I?

Anyway, so while I was looking at pics of Chris one of my classmates was calling her mom about something...cause I was in study hall class. But after she finishes talking to her mom.

Her being the girl she is she decides to see what I was doing. So she looks at the computer and was all like quote...

Bitch-face classmate:"EWW...why are you looking at someone that?!"

Me: silence

Her: "Ricky Horror...he has the word HORROR in his name, if that isn't scary then I don't know what is."

Me: "That isn't Ricky, that's Chris." I click the search bar and type in Ricky's name then say "This is Ricky."

Her: "Oh, well he is still kinda scary."

Me: Silence, then I type in Chris Cerulli again to look for images.

Her: "Who is that?! She is scary, why would a girl do that to themselves?"

Me: "That isn't a girl, that's Chris Cerulli."

Her: "Well Chris Cerulli is ugly and scary, he isn't even cute! Why would you look at someone like that?"

Me: "Because I like Chris, it's all a matter of opinion, You see I like DARK men. I like guys that actually look like men and NOT boys."

Her: "Oh, well okay then... so is Chris like famous or something?"

Me: "Yes, he is the lead singer for Motionless In White."

Her: " Oh that like devil band? I don't like their music... all they do is scream."

Me: "So what kind of music do you like then?"

Her: "Justin Bieber, and One Direction."

Me: laughter, then "So you mean to tell me that you don't like my music because quote 'All they do is scream' But you listen Bieber, and all he does is whine."

Her: "Well Bieber is cute!"

Me: "So is Chris."

Her: "He is scary."

Me: "Well at least Chris LOOKS and SOUNDS like a man and you know not a little girl. Chris also doesn't dis a dead man and steal his signature move, or whine when the paparazzi is taking his picture. Because Chris knows how lucky he is to be where he is at in his career and at least his music has a meaning behind the lyrics...instead of just talking about "Hey Girl, be my bitch." I'm paraphrasing a bit , but it's basically what both Bieber and 1 ERECTION sing about."

Her: "1D saved a girl from killing herself!"

Me: "So MIW saved and save thousands of people from killing themselves EVERYDAY!"

Long story short I ended up getting in trouble for making her cry and punching her in the face. Now I'm in In School Suspension doing this on my phone.

But what I don't get is if it's okay for her to dis MY bands and yes I like to call them MY bands, why do I get in trouble for just stating facts?

Granted I punched her in the face...but it wasn't THAT hard! Just hard enough to make her nose bleed.

Anyway...I love Chris, but besides that I am a Creature, so if you dis Chris or anyone else in MIW I will flip!

So, classmate if you are reading this... take the punch to the face as a warning!

March 19th, 2013 at 08:15pm