What Happened to Needing Talent?

Dad and the only real mother figure I had in my life, April, always told their kids that if we were doing something badly that they weren't going to spare our feelings. They would tell us flat out if we were terrible at something. I was scared at first when they said that, but when we saw people on American Idol who couldn't sing... I started to understand. They were saving us from humiliating ourselves in public by making sure we knew what we were bad at and what we were good at. Even after that they told me I was good at writing, so I had no reason to fret. They always gave me constructive criticism. It was great getting the attention, praise, and criticism I needed to succeed in my writing... Because of what they did I have readers nationwide... I wasn't too scared when I published my book because I Knew that I was a great writer, and I constantly get better and build up my strength in writing.
Why am I writing this...? Because our country has no talent hacks in the limelight... Though they never deserved their fame or fortune... Like has anyone besides me notice that most pop singers sound almost the exact same now? The only huge difference is that there is a generic boy voice and a generic girl voice... It's beyond annoying to hear the interviews about how these people worked so hard for this... You can obviously tell it's like they haven't worked a day in their life. *rolls eyes* It's not just singers... It's TV show writers, actors (if you can call them that, I can act circles around them... In fact, I have... Just never in front of a camera and such), it's authors too (again if you can call them that) *rolls eyes in disgust*
There's little I can say about singers... I can barely sing myself, but I can tell you I wish people would quit idolizing the ones that never practice. I have two favorite singers; Nikki Sixx and Alex Gaskarth. It's because they first, always prove they're human, and I know and can see they actually practice. I've got nothing to say about bands because they always practice from what I can see. But when I talk about no talent hacks in the music world I mean like mean the pop/Disney singers... I don't mean many others. I mean like that baby Justin Bieber or those *gags* One Direction kids. They are simply no talent hacks... You can tell because their music has like no meaning... And they sound the exact freaking same. There's just more voices in the "band" *tries to say this without vomiting* O-One Direction...
TV writers *cringes saying that* only make one dimensional characters. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't real people three dimensional? I know I'm a bit more than what I appear to be. And so are my friends. We are so very much more than what we seem to be from the surface... But almost all of the fictional characters in TV are one dimensional... It's pathetic that these people who are so much older than me never learned how to make a three dimensional character. I learned that in high school. Also, I don't think TV writers live in the real world... I mean the situations in the shows haven't happened in real life... And if they did in the married couples respect... *frowns* Then I'm disappointed in most couples in the real world. You shouldn't want to always change your man, women... You're supposed to love everything about them which is why you're... Oh... I don't know... With them...
Now onto actors... *rolls eyes* Most actors can't actually act... They play the same character every time which is a little disappointing since they're paid to act a certain way. There's this one actor I know who I think can really act, Max Thieriot. You can tell he can act because he played an innocent-ish kid... He's played in a scary movie... He's played the killer's assistant in another movie... Or the killer... Not sure XD But the point is he can act, and no one can deny it. But more popular "actors" are like Ashton Kutcher that over the years has only played the bumbling idiot. He plays it well... I guess... I mean I'm starting to think that's all he is... He's not acting at all or something. It's disappointing how many love Ashton Kutcher seeing as he has no talent.
Onto the authors... Okay, I don't have too many problems with authors. If I don't like their work I just don't read it. But there's one author that bugs me because she has no talent... But because their "work" was so popular (for some reason) I had to endure knowing about it. First one that canNot write is Stephanie Meyer... She never even knew anything about the subjects of which she was writing. I'm almost positive there was not ONE character in her books that wasn't a lil emo bitch... You're supposed to have a cast that can play off each other... I learned that in high school creative writing. And any one of my friends can write circles around her... We know how to write characters better, we make fabulous plots... If we could finish our work more often we should be making more money than her in no time ^-^ Then there's the people who think just because they write memoirs they think their authors... It's a shame really because it's the same story on repeat essentially... Mommy and Daddy didn't love you enough or something... And they abused you... I'd have more sympathy if not everyone wrote their life stories at the same time and they wrote it for more than the reason of getting their fifteen minutes of fame... I mean, I don't respect James Patterson because he's a sell-out, but he can, for sure, write. He wrote popular books such as The Women's Murder Club, the Alex Cross series, and the Maximum Ride series among many others. At least he has talent and knows how to make a complete, full character. He knows how to write a good story and carry it well, and he makes characters actual people can relate to.
Anyways... The reason I wrote AAALL of this is because I don't know why people stopped caring talent... I wish this world cared more about actually taking pride in their work... And not just doing it to make money. Don't you want respect and dignity a lil more than money? *raises an eyebrow* All I know is I do. And anything I write I will take great pride in, as I should. I will take great pride in ANYTHING I do actually. And to be honest, I hope any readers of this will take pride in their work too. :) ^-^ <3
March 19th, 2013 at 11:46pm