Why Your Media is Useless and Promotes Rape Culture

Steubenville, Ohio rape trial.

CNN displays pity for the rapists once they are sentenced.

I'm sorry, what?

You're actually telling me that these boys who sexually assaulted an unconscious girl, documented it on all forms of social media, and did nothing to help her deserve sympathy? You're telling me that it's horrible that their lives are ruined because of their "promising football careers" are shot and their futures are destroyed? You mean, it's sad that two young men, who sexually assaulted a girl, are the ones who need the sympathy? "Poor them, this trial ruined their lives."

Fuck no. Fuck. No.

There is no "poor them" because of how the trial turned out. There should be a very huge Fuck Them. And how dare they get off so easily? Because really, you sexually assault a woman and you ONLY get one to two years in a juvenile detention center? Do you have any fucking idea how atrocious and sickening that is? That's ALL they got for what they've done to this girl?

She's getting death threats for coming forward, she's getting called a drunk and a "whore" and people dare say she "deserves it?" Are you fucking kidding me right now? NO ONE deserves that. Just because she was drunk does not mean she deserved to be taken advantage of. Just because she partied does not mean that she was "asking for it" or any of that bullshit.

Partially because the community surrounding the two boys can't fucking handle their precious football team losing players, DESPITE what they've done. Their coach let them continue playing. How the fuck does a community believe it is okay to value a SPORT over THE RAPE OF A HUMAN BEING. There is something very fucked up and utterly disgusting about the values of that town. There is something completely awful about a high powered news channel like CNN expressing compassion for RAPISTS.

All of this just goes to show how utterly fucked up the world is in regards to women and rape. You come forward and accuse a man of rape? "Whore, you were probably asking for it and regret it now." "What were you wearing?" "Are you sure you didn't lead him on?"

Excuse me, but no. Because this just shows how much we want to try to blame the victim as opposed to the person who actually committed the rape. You try to pinpoint everything the victim did wrong to "put themselves in that situation" instead of focusing on the attacker's lack of respect for basic human rights generally because they believe it is their PRIVILEGE to do what they want to these women (or men).

And then the media, instead of saying "We need to teach our men and boys not to rape" goes on about how to prevent the EXPOSURE or such acts with social media, or how a WOMAN should protect herself from such scenarios.

God, I am so sick of having a list of rules I have to follow if "I don't want to get raped." That is NOT how it should be. I should not have to be concerned whether what I'm wearing is provocative (don't you fucking dare tell me a woman asked for it because she was wearing a short skirt or a low cut top. Women were getting raped when they were wearing petticoats and dresses with many a layers, fucking attire has nothing to do with it), whether my kindness was taken as flirting and therefore I could "encourage" someone to rape me, where I go at what time of day, or if I go somewhere by myself.

Why the fuck are you telling me how NOT to get raped, instead of telling your men to NOT RAPE in the first place?
March 20th, 2013 at 10:27pm