The low down is I have a crush on a boy. I am not going to deny that. He is tall and attractive and funny and he's really fucking flirty with me and ugh I have a crush on him.

Problem arises with the fact that a month or so ago, my friend fucked him. It was casual and neither of them wanted anything else, but she's very "once I've claimed him, he's mine forever" type of deal and I was like oh, okay. And then we all hung out at a party and he was sort of flirting with me and ignoring her and she told me that she knew it wasn't my fault and laughed and said that if I ever got with him she'd cut off my boobs an I was like, oh, okay.

But we've still been sort of talking a lot and idk talking to him is really nice and I got a crush on him and it's not like he's acting like he hates me either.

Most of my friends are like GABBY GET ON THAT because I haven't had a legitimate crush in forever and also most people hate my friend too but mostly the first one.

And so he invites me over for Monday and he's all yeah we can watch his scary movie and we'll cuddle I'm excited to see you you're so cute blah blah blah CUTE FUCKING THINGS OKAY?

So I went against my better judgement and was like yeah I'll come over but in my head I'm like I can't tell me friend my tits will be cut off which idk I guess it's a horrible thing but she always moves on so quickly from boys she's already slept with like 5 other people since then and sort of has a boyfriend so I thought that it might be sort of okay?


And then she calls me today and was like oh last night was so much fun Tristan (crush) came over and we almost fucked I think he flirted with me and I was like



And now I'm coming down there and he might be there and my plan I guess is just to be like hey I'm not coming I'm mildly disappointed idk I don't want to hang out with him if he's fucking my friend and crush is slowly diminishing with realisation and it sort of sucks idk I guess we'll see if I go down there but ugh.

It was nice to have a crush for a couple weeks.

they suck.
March 31st, 2013 at 07:12pm