Support For Unpopular Fandoms

Just like blogs posted by Lucius' Angel Hina and Soy un Dorito! earlier, the blog is for stories in unpopular fandoms. We all know it can be really hard to get any attention let alone feedback on a fanfic story that isn't in a popular fandom. So its time to do something about it.

So if you have a fanfiction that you've written in an unpopular fandom let me know. You can either comment here or send me a message and I'll put it in a promo blog as soon as I get the chance to. Just let me know which story or stories you'd like checked out.

I also suggest you check out Lucius' Angel Hina's blog posts from earlier, Less fandoms deserve a lot of love and Lesser Fandoms Deserve a lot of love: Part II, for more information about this awesome revolution she's starting.
April 1st, 2013 at 10:18pm