Worst Vacation Ever.

Everyone loves Florida right? Theme parks such as Universal, Disney, Sea World, ect ect. There's the beach and other wonderful things to see. The weathers nice and you can just have a great time, right?

Well, my family happen to take a trip there ourselves. I thought that hey, maybe I can enjoy Spring Break and such.

HAHAHAHAHAHHAAH Well I was fucking wrong. My family has been nothing but assholes towards me for a good 80% of the time. In fact, the only time I really had fun was when we went to Universal, and we just spent most of our times in lines, and on a few rides. Other then that, I'm pretty much miserable.

They all act like this trip is all for me, yet if I do anything. Or suggest anything. Or wanna do something. They all fucking get mad, ignore me, or shoot me down. I just fucking suck I guess.

Oh, and I'm a light sleeper. I honestly can't help it, there's not much I can do to make it better. My grandma snores, like, horribly. Like seriously, I could hear her outside our room. So naturally it's hard for me to sleep. I have probably slept less on this vacation week then I ever had on a busy school week. I have been up basically every night so far. It sucks, I'm tired, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Well, now my mom is all fucking mad at me. Cause I'm awake again. She literally just got up with me and it like 'Cant you just lay with your headphones on?' (which I wear to listen to music since I don't wanna listen to snoring in the background while I piss around on the internet). They're big and bulky, since I lost my smaller ones. I told her it digs into my head and that I can't exactly sleep to music.

Now, let me remind you. I'm not doing anything. I'm being fucking quiet. I have been silent on this trip most of the time since it seems like every time I open my mouth, I piss off one of them.

And she fucking yells at me. "I'm sick of your shit, you better find a fucking way. Cause you're driving me nuts."

I'm driving YOU nuts? You have all made me cry every fucking day on this motherfucking trip and YOU'RE sick of MY shit? OH well, I'm so sorry, I'll just fucking suck it up and lay in bed listening to the fucking bear in our room all night long, pretend I'm the happiest motherfucker on earth, and do whatever the hell you want because my misery is bothering you.

We have two more days on this trip, and the second I get home. I am sleeping forever, and NEVER asking for a vacation with them. If they suggest one, I'm gonna be like "Naaahhhh, I need college to focus on' as 'Go fuck yourself, you guys can't even pretend to be nicer on vacation.'
April 4th, 2013 at 08:32am