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Hi there I am Daisy, I love movies and I love actors. I love The Incredible Hulk also, I watched the TV show when it was on the air and I have seen all the Hulk movies. I must say the when I watched The Avengers I finally saw an actor that was worthy of the role of Bruce Banner (IMHO and based on my bias that Bill Bixby RULES!) I have NEVER read a comic book in my life so I can't base any of my opinions on that media.

Mark Ruffalo did a breathtaking job as Bruce Banner; he was soft spoken, shy, and intelligent. His portrayal was brilliant and consistent. One of my fave parts in the movie is when he has entered the bridge of the Heli-carrier and hides his face from the guards in an effort to be invisible. And being invisible is crucial to his life on the run, he makes it real for me that HE IS Bruce Banner. His mannerisms and personality also hit the nail right on the head. I LOVE HIM and his HULK. I pray that there are other Hulk movies in which Ruffalo will play the part. That is really all I have for today, I welcome the opinions of others even if they are contrary to my own, especially actually.


Love you all
April 7th, 2013 at 01:55am