Sappy Fall Out Boy feelings...

I remember being a young eleven or twelve year old girl when I received my first Fall Out Boy album, "From Under the Cork Tree". I had been skeptical because honestly at the time, I wasn't too involved in music. I popped the CD in nonetheless, and I was blown away. I fell in love, for the very first time.

After that, I became obsessed. I submersed myself in "Take This to Your Grave", "Evening Out With Your Girlfriend", and "My Heart Will Always be the B-Side to my Tongue". I waited anxiously for their upcoming albums, going out the day of to purchase them and scurrying home to put the CD on and just listen. I never failed to be astounded by Pete Wentz's amazing play on words.

I remember my first Fall Out Boy show at the Charter One Pavilion on their Honda Civic tour; I remember the excitement in my veins that first week in June as I anxiously awaited seeing them for the first time. I saw them again two times after that, the last show being their tour with Blink 182 when they announced that they would be going on hiatus. I remember my tears as I watched them perform that last time because that wasn't just a band- that was a band that saved my life. A band that was there for me when no one else was, a band that soothed my troubled mind and gave me something I didn't have a lot of at the time: strength to keep going.

The fact that they're back and better than ever is just... I have no words to describe this. Getting to meet Pete back in February and thanking him for everything, the album coming out in about a week, the show in May... I'm so happy. That's just it. I'm so happy- this band makes me so happy.

I gave their new album a listen today and it didn't disappoint.

I hope everyone has a band like this in their lives: a band that gives them this overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness. It's a good feeling that can't be filled by any other element.
April 9th, 2013 at 12:40am