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Story in Progress: Judgment Day
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Hey guys so today’s blog is going to be some more information about Judgement Day and various other topics.

Judgement Day
I have a lot planned for this story. One of my ideas is taking a few chapters, or even separating it off into a different story, to explain the main character’s, just the three OC’s, back stories. This would include details of how they were accepted into the Judge Academy, the Hot Dog Run I have mentioned but never explained, and various other things.

So far I have painted a rather horrifying picture of violence and death that seems to define Mega City One thus far. However that is not all that Judge Dredd’s world revolves around, it’s pretty much like that most of the time, there are some rather odd and wonderful things in the universe. Such as a candy so addicting that the withdrawal symptoms rival that of heroin. So after the current story arc I might do a one-two story arc over some of the more lighthearted things that go on in the city.

I have another idea for a smallish arc. The basis for it is this; Andrew saves a woman from a mugger. Then the woman becomes obsessive with him, following him around, sending him gifts, the whole nine yards. However she does all this without breaking any laws so Andrew can’t arrest her, without running the risk of improper judging and being sentenced to a very long sentence in prison or labor camps.

That is all I have for now, keep reading and I will update sometime in the foreseeable future.

Basically a lot of Hollywood Undead the slightly dark vibe helps me write my darker stories, which is all I seem to be writing right now. Medicine is a great song. Not much to report here.

Rec Blog?
I want to start blogging now. So I am going to start doing Rec Blogs. All you have to do is drop a comment and I will look at your story and see if I like it or not. Most of the time I approve what gets sent to me, but if it is really bad then I won’t. But I have faith in you all.

Nothing else to report. Peace.
April 9th, 2013 at 04:13pm