calling all b.a.p nyc concert-goers. mouth's tumblr endorsed by...mouth.

Any other Kpop fans out there in the joyous world of Mibba going to the B.A.P concert in NYC? Because if you are, well get your ass over to my profile and comment and let me know so we can cry and throw up blood and be crushed to fetal position on the floor fangirl about how we're going to get to see our oppas/dongsaeng IN PERSON. IN THE FLESH, THEY ARE NOT PICTURES ON A COMPUTER SCREEN. I WILL BE BREATHING THE SAME AIR AS JUNHONG AND YONGGUK AND SOMEONE HOLD ME I'M NOT PREPARED.

Also on a irrelevant side-note, erryone should follow my tumblr because the president himself endorses it and says it's good for your health. .........

I kid, but you should anyway because #yolo. And for all my Korean lovin' bretherin out there, follow my kblog... LOL, is that even a category of blogs? I don't know but now it is.

Also on another irrelevant note, I just learned how to make adequate blog layouts like shit, why'd it take me so long to learn that, I was obviously on the slow train to blog-making ahaha.


April 10th, 2013 at 03:34am