Question on comments really

First blog ever....
(Though I don't have much to say)

SO basically I've been reading people's stories. I always like just came here to write stories and read the books of a selected few (by Crashing Demon and Albluerose), but did not care much for other people's books. Anyways, recently got bored and started reading other people's stories as well and I noticed most writers don't reply to their reader's comments, but I do. I literally reply to every comment made because I'm the don.
Anyways, it just made me think like is it okay then to reply to comments. I mean what do you guys prefer. Should I or should I not? Like if you're a write, do you comment? And readers, do you like your comments being replied? Or is there like a time you should reply and a time the comment is ignored?
Well, that's basically all I wanted to ask really.
April 10th, 2013 at 09:10pm