The only person I love unconditionally in this world

Yes, it's only one. Don't get me wrong, I have family and friends. I even used to have a pet, but he was my sister's. My mom refuses to have anymore pets. The point is, I don't actually love them "till the end of times" or anything. I actually think my family it's the branch of my life that hurts me the most when I'm up or down, no matter what. My friends are what really matters, and, as of real friends, I only have a few. And inside those few, there are about six. And inside those six, there are three special ones. And inside those three especial ones, there's her, the person I love the most.


I see no point in hiding her name, I really don't care who reads this or hears this or whatever the fuck happens, because I will scream it up the top of the world if I want to. That girl, that woman, is someone who just keeps me alive, keeps me from my downs, and will honest to god forgive me even if I killed her entire family because I'm from the oldest mafia family in the world. She'd forgive me. She'd move on and still be my best fucking friend in the entire world.

And I've had the best weekend in my entire life. I mean it when I say my entire life because... well, because I love her. I would do anything for her, even giving up my life. But I know I won't because she loves me back just as much. She is practically my everything right now. She's... she's the best that's ever happened to me. And, sure, I mean, maybe we'll grow up and we'll realize we didn't actually need each other that much. But right now, we are sixteen, we are alone, and sad, and far away from each other and it kind of sucks.

But she's here right now. Here. By my side. Wearing polar bear pajamas and a black veil brides shirt, crying because in fifteen minutes my dad will come and take us to the airport and all of this will be just another story to tell, another memory to be. But, it's okay, it's only one step before we get on with our lives and become what we'll be. And we'll be together. I promised her so. And when I make a promise, especially to Keely, I never break it.

We'll make it.

I know we will.

We've already hit rock bottom, we can only go up. And I'll hold her hand the entire way through because that's what best friends do. That's what I will do. In two years, I'll be legally able to step out of my house and say goodbye to everything that hurt me and still hurts me. And I'll be with her and everything will be fine. And that's what all of this is about, being finally fine, being happy, being free. That's all we want. That's all I want.

Just two more years.

Two more fucking years and it'll be over; the pain, the desperate feeling of being caged inside your own mind... everything will be over. And we'll be together. And we'll be fine. And we'll be loved, and happy, and free.

Two more years.

And then I'll be with Keely, the only person in the world who I unconditionally love.
April 14th, 2013 at 04:27am