Thinking of Hosting a Slash Fiction Contest?

Bonjour, Mibba~! c:

Today's blog will unfortunately not be decorated with all things adorable and cute as it's past 11 o clock here and I'm about to go to bed, hehe.
I won't be surprised if this blog goes ignored mostly because everyone is sleeping!
But maybe night owls will unite? :3

First of all, I just updated my story, so some shameless self-promoting is in order. xD
Homophobe has just been updated~!
20 chapters, can you believe it? That's crazy!
It's almost done! .___.

If you don't already know, I'm an avid reader of all things slash/gay fiction (my blog layout anyone?) on this lovely site ^^ but lately there's been a severe lack of reading material in that area? :o
Original slash just isn't as popular as it used to be?
I remember people used to actually complain about there being too much of it! xD
Now everyone is hating on the One Direction tidal wave, haha. But the poor slash!
It's great if you're actually in the fandom of what's popular!
I'm not sure why of the decline, but I'm in desperate need of something to read!

(*cough cough* if you have any recommendations that are in that category they come with welcome arms thank you *cough cough*)

That's why I'm thinking of hosting a
*insert drum roll here*

Doesn't that sound dandy? c:

I checked the active contests and there isn't one that's dedicated to slash fiction! :o
Shocking, I know, hahaha.
That's why I'm thinking of hosting one? n.n

Last time I did, while it wasn't a complete failure in entries, only I think 2 people actually submitted their entries so that sort of dampened my mood on contests. T.T

I'm hoping to try again, though! :)
And this time (hopefully) many will secretly be waiting for this awesome contest and will enter and follow through!
I'm always up for some new reading material, anyway. ^^

I think tomorrow I'll post the page, but would any of you guys be interested?
The only criteria is original and gay fiction.
And that's it. xD
Pretty simple, hnn?

So if you're recommending any stories (they could be your own or someone else's you enjoy!) or if your interested in the contest, comment!
I'm thinking of prizes but so far I'm not sure what you guys want?
Throw some ideas!
If you're interested in the contest, I'll message you the page when I post it! :3

Well, that's about it. This blog is not very interesting, hahaha.
Stay lovely~!
Au reviour!
And have a dandy day! <3
April 15th, 2013 at 05:25am